Financial District



Founded in 2018, Silver Water Investment Group is recognized as a top upcoming proprietary trading firm. We have an impeccable track record of finding top performing, highly undervalued company's in a variety of industries and sectors. We invest in companies at every stage from seed to growth and provide our followers with critical up to date information on potential investments.


Trading Strategy


Silver Water Investment Group uses a collection of strategies that span high frequency trading, market making, arbitrage trading and quantitative trading. We are active in stocks, options, futures, ETF’s, FX, crypto and more. We use Indicators and macroeconomic news to determine a stock's price movement. Focusing heavily on leveraged products to increase position size and profits within the markets. Silver water hedges its positions by taking an arbitrary approach to a company’s stock. Going both long and short on a position whilst leveraging, allows us to actively participate in the price movement of the stock whilst retaining all of our margin. Then using a collection of macroeconomic news and technical indicators to determine the best entry point into a stock, a “call option” will be used to hedge any potential loss occurred by irregular fluctuations within a volatile stock or market.